The Church is Not a Building,

But a People.

How can people actually be the Church when they are so busy going to the church? Stop thinking about church as a box.

Now More Than Ever, Your Church Cannot Be About Your Building.

It Needs to be More. It Needs to Become Decentralized.

CDF Capital has partnered with Bo Chancey, Senior Pastor of Manchester Christian Church, to bring you this innovative perspective that will help you reframe your understanding of your churches potential.

In this four part eCoruse learn how you can reach the most people in the shortest amount of time by becoming a decentralized church.

Included in this Course

Included in this online course are these ready-to-use resources:

  • Four practical video modules
  • Instantly accessible & available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Printable PDF worksheets for each lesson
  • Learn anywhere with downloadable MP3s, iOS App & phone-friendly versions.
  • All future upgrades and improvements!

30-day "no questions asked" guarantee!

Who is Bo Chancey?

Bo is a gifted communicator who is passionate about challenging people to fall madly in love with Jesus Christ. He believes the church should be fun and that God desperately desires all people to find the freedom of living an abundant life in Him. 

Bo received his degree in History and Speech Communication at Texas A&M University. He and his wife, Somer, have three children: Alizah, Aysen and Ensley. Bo enjoys sports, writing songs, spending time with his family, and preaching. Bo has also written a number of books including Pray for One, I Hate The Zoo, Decentralized I’m Going to Light Myself on Fire, Every Day with Jesus and more, all available on the Pray for One website.

What Other Leaders Say About CDF Capital

“I’m so thankful for CDF Leadership Capital! It’s an incredible job they do coming around leaders to coach, equip and empower them! They are tremendous partners and great assets to God’s kingdom!”

Jud Wilhite

Senior Pastor, Central Church

Las Vegas, Nevada

“The team at CDF Capital cares about what you care about … a healthy, growing church. I’ve loved working alongside the CDF Leadership Capital team and would highly recommend this group of kingdom-minded leaders!“

Herbert Cooper

Pastor, People's Church

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Thank you for CDF Capital for what you do to help churches grow. It’s making a big difference!”

Larry Osborne

Pastor, North Coast Church

San Diego County, California

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