Learn the Blueprint.

Lead a New Era Church.

A Step-by-Step Course to Build Your Own Digital Ministry Playbook.

Digital Ministry & Care Is The New Era For Churches. Don’t Get Left Behind.

At CDF Capital, we know each church needs to figure out how to translate their ministry fronts into digital expressions. As a leader or pastor, you can feel ill-equipped with all the recent disruption and fearful of the unintended consequences of “doing church” as you knew it.

We know it’s too easy to rush into digital ministry without intentionality or a grounded strategy. There is also the pressure to “keep up” or “copycat” what others seem to be doing.

Yet, how do you avoid the risks? You are don’t want your church to be unprepared and:

  • miss out on the digital culture explosion
  • continue without the strategy or critical lenses needed
  • become invisible in the digital landscape

Taking this 6-session course will help you launch or relaunch your digital ministry most strategically and sustainably.

Included in the Course

New Era Church is the step by step system to help church leaders develop a more robust understanding of digital ministry and provide a framework to help them build a digital ministry model that fits their context, calling and convictions.

Included in this online course are these ready-to-use resources:

  • Step-by-step process is broken into an easy-to-follow 6 stage process.
  • Six practical video modules ... over 3 hours of helpful content.
  • Instantly accessible & available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Printable PDF worksheets for each lesson
  • Learn anywhere with downloadable MP3s, iOS App & phone-friendly versions.
  • All future upgrades and improvements!

30-day "no questions asked" guarantee!

Gain Confidence To Lead In The New Era

Our core calling is to help churches grow. We work with thousands of churches across the country since 1953 to get the resources they need to transform lives and communities. 

We’ve partnered with four digitally-native thought leaders and practitioners to help you embrace this new era from Churchome, Crossroads Church, North Point Ministries, and Victory Life Church. 

You will become well-versed in the critical lenses needed regarding digital ministry. This course will prepare your church for the New Era.

What other leaders say about CDF Capital

“I’m so thankful for CDF Leadership Capital! It’s an incredible job they do coming around leaders to coach, equip and empower them! They are tremendous partners and great assets to God’s kingdom!”

Jud Wilhite

Senior Pastor, Central Church

Las Vegas, Nevada

“The team at CDF Capital cares about what you care about … a healthy, growing church. I’ve loved working alongside the CDF Leadership Capital team and would highly recommend this group of kingdom-minded leaders!“

Herbert Cooper

Pastor, People's Church

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Thank you for CDF Capital for what you do to help churches grow. It’s making a big difference!”

Larry Osborne

Pastor, North Coast Church

San Diego County, California

From A Casual Digital Presence To An Strategic Digital Ministry

Your Pathway To A New Era Church

STEP 1 | Go Through NewEra.Church Course

Learn how to transform your digital presence into a digital ministry.

STEP 2 | Build the Perfect Digital Ministry Playbook

Tackle the critical issues your team needs to translate and reimagine ministry online.

STEP 3 | Lead a Robust Digital Ministry

Move forward with confidence at an accelerated speed; ready for the new era.

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